Hari – Michaels


Upon arrival to Solaris, Kris Kelvin finds all the scientists experiencing shock, going crazy and worst of all committing suicide over their experiences while on the foreign planet. What they do know about the planet is the power of its ocean that covers most of the planet. the ocean seems to be a sentient thing that is able to interact with the scientists. this becomes evident with the oceans formulation of Hari, a clone of Kris Kyle’s deceased wife. the ocean is able to conjure up beings from the soundest memories of the people on the spacecraft. An older scientists who had been on the ship for a while called them ‘Guests’ and is working on a way to get rid of them since the ocean is able to continue producing them as fast as Dr Kelvin can rid himself one.

For Hari, the only world she knows is the physical world she is in. She has no knowledge of her past in Kris Kyle’s life, that she was actually his wife ten years prior and committed suicide after the two separated. Upon meeting Kris in the spacecraft, she picks up a portrait of herself and asks who it is a picture of. It is not until she finds a mirror and experiences firsthand the resemblance between herself and the portrait that she realizes she is actually his wife. Upon discovering her prior relationship to Kyle, she questions his love for her. She needs to ask questions because her character is based on others perceptions of her. If Kyle was to answer yes, then she would know she is loved as his wife and know how to act back. After seeing a documentary on herself, Hari tries to remember any of it happening. She looks at a reflection of herself and says, “I do not know myself at all” and then “when I close my eyes I cannot recall my face, or yours” in reference to Kyle’s face. Kyle says that he does know himself just as all humans know themselves. Hari knows she is a human and that she is living but has no recollection of herself or her past life because she has not been around Kyle or people in general to gain this knowledge from. This is the first time Hari becomes aware of her relation to Kris and comes to a reality that she and Kris Kyles late wife are different people. If Hari had been around Kyle all their lives together, she would know why the two separated, or why Hari left her in the first place. Her questions serve to get back memories of real life experiences she is not able to formulate on her own. We know Hari is a ‘Guest’, and that she gains knowledge from observing others  because of her lack of knowledge of real world experiences.  Descartes says that we are dependent on others. We are only individualized because we have interacted with other humans and have come to the realizations through experiences. We cannot live a fully isolated life, or else we would not be; just as Hari would not be if she was not around Kris Kyle. Without Kris to bring up memories and informing Hari on her past then she does not know who she is.

Descartes says that reason is what gives us knowledge.  Hari is unable to reason and work through problems in her head and therefore is not a human. For example, she did not know how to open a metal door, so she used her body to tear through the door, harming herself in the process. She would have known to pull on the door if she was able to have learned it at a young age, or used reason to work through the problem. She had not previously seen anyone open the door so she could not mimic their experience and learn from it.

Hari – Michaels

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